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The Most Popular Flowers at Miami Weddings

Flowers at Miami Weddings

Flowers at Miami Weddings

With its balmy weather, pristine beaches, and vibrant culture, Miami provides the perfect backdrop for weddings. As couples plan their dream Miami wedding, one element often takes center stage: the flowers. Florals add beauty, scent, and elegance to these ceremonies, and specific blooms have gained prominence in the Miami wedding scene. Here’s a deep dive into the most popular flowers gracing Miami’s wedding venues.

Flowers at Miami Weddings


Miami’s subtropical climate makes it a hotspot for these exotic flowers. Renowned for their beauty and sophistication, orchids are a natural choice for couples aiming for elegance. Their diversity in color, from stark white to deep purples, ensures they fit into any wedding color palette.


Symbolic of tropical climates and known for their large, trumpet-shaped blooms, hibiscus flowers have become a go-to choice for Miami weddings. Often utilized in beach-themed events, their bright hues (ranging from yellows and oranges to reds and pinks) evoke the joy and vibrancy of love being celebrated.


A universal symbol of love and passion, roses are timeless wedding choices worldwide. This classic is often twisted in Miami by integrating it with tropical blooms or sea elements. The various colors and styles available, from full-petaled garden roses to slender spray varieties, make roses a versatile choice.

Birds of Paradise

With a name that evokes exotic beauty and the allure of tropical lands, Birds of Paradise is a favorite among Miami brides. Their unique shape and brilliant combination of blue and orange hues make them a striking addition to any bouquet or centerpiece.


Lilies are a fragrant option available in many colors and types, bringing elegance to wedding arrangements. Popular styles for Miami weddings include the Calla lily, with its sleek and modern appearance, and the Stargazer lily, known for its bold, vibrant colors.


Plumeria, with its sweet scent and delicate appearance, captures the essence of Miami’s tropical ambiance. Often worn as hair accessories by brides and bridesmaids, these flowers bring a touch of paradise to any wedding setting.


Though not a traditional choice for wedding bouquets, bougainvillea has gained traction in Miami wedding décor. Draped over archways or used as a vibrant backdrop, its cascading clusters of colorful bracts create a romantic atmosphere reminiscent of Miami’s picturesque streets.

Incorporating Miami’s Natural Beauty:

Couples getting married in Miami often aim to integrate the city’s inherent beauty into their weddings, and what better way than through flowers? These blooms aren’t just chosen for their appearance. Their fragrances, textures, and symbolic meanings all influence their selection.

For instance, orchids, while undoubtedly beautiful, are also a testament to resilience and adaptability, qualities any couple would wish for in a marriage. Roses, the timeless emblem of love, need little explanation for their popularity. Meanwhile, the vibrant Birds of Paradise and Hibiscus reflect Miami’s colorful, energetic spirit.

Sustainable Choices and Local Florists:

An increasing trend among Miami couples is the move towards sustainable weddings. More and more brides and grooms opt for locally sourced flowers, reducing carbon footprints and supporting local businesses. This trend promotes sustainability and ensures fresher flowers, as blooms don’t need to travel long distances.

Local Miami florists have also showcased creativity in blending traditional wedding flowers with tropical choices, crafting arrangements that reflect the city’s spirit.

In Conclusion:

Miami, a city of warmth, color, and life, has always been a sought-after wedding destination. The flowers at these weddings, ranging from classic roses to tropical Birds of Paradise, mirror this eclectic blend. As couples say their vows amidst blooms that resonate with meaning, beauty, and the very essence of Miami, it’s evident that flowers are more than mere decorations. They’re an integral part of the narrative, binding love stories with the magic of Miami.

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