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Welcome to “A Creation By Mario,” Miami’s leading destination for spectacular wedding flower arrangements. We specialize in transforming wedding venues into floral wonderlands, carefully crafting each bloom to capture the unique essence of your special day.
Are you seeking unmatched quality, elegance, and creativity in your wedding florals? Look no further than A Creation By Mario. As premier Miami wedding florists, we take pride in providing personalized floral design services tailored to the unique desires of every couple. From stunning centerpieces to enchanting bridal bouquets, we’re here to make your wedding bloom with love and beauty.

Our commitment to quality and detail has earned us a reputation as one of the best wedding florists in Miami. We blend the timeless charm of classic floristry with the contemporary aesthetics of modern design. Every wedding we work on is a new opportunity to showcase the art of floral design, ensuring your day is as beautiful as you’ve always dreamed.

With years of experience under our belts, we are well-versed in the language of flowers. Whether you envision a romantic sea of roses, a chic assortment of orchids, or a rustic display of wildflowers, A Creation By Mario is ready to bring your floral dreams to life.

Please explore our website to learn more about our services, browse our portfolio, and get inspired for your big day. Trust A Creation By Mario to be your Miami wedding florist – where love blossoms into extraordinary floral designs.
Beyond our wide range of floral designs, A Creation By Mario also offers comprehensive wedding flower services. From consultation and design planning to installation and teardown, our Miami wedding florists work tirelessly to ensure your wedding flowers are as worry-free as they are breathtaking.

Are you looking to add a touch of personalization to your ceremony? At A Creation By Mario, we excel at creating custom wedding flower arrangements. Guided by your vision, our experienced team of designers can develop a floral concept that encapsulates the unique spirit of your love story. We pride ourselves on our ability to fuse your style with our floral creativity, resulting in a genuinely bespoke flower experience.

But our offerings continue beyond weddings. Whether you’re hosting a bridal shower, an engagement party, or a rehearsal dinner, our team can help bring your event to life with the magic of flowers. Every creation by Mario is a testament to the power of flowers in transforming an event into a memorable experience.

Additionally, we understand the importance of sustainability in our field. Our commitment to environmentally-friendly practices ensures that we source our flowers responsibly, reducing our carbon footprint and supporting local growers. We believe in creating beauty in a way that honors the planet without compromising on our designs’ elegance and sophistication.


Thank you for considering A Creation By Mario for your wedding floral needs. We invite you to reach out to us for a personalized consultation. Let’s make your Miami wedding unforgettable with the most exquisite floral arrangements. Welcome to your floral journey with Miami’s top wedding florists. Let the love bloom!

White cream and blush roses

In the vibrant city of Miami, where the sun-kissed beaches meet urban elegance, brides have found a love for the unique shade known as “White Cream and Blush Roses.” This hue, reminiscent of the delicate blush seen on white sands during a coastal sunrise, has grown increasingly popular among Miami’s modern brides.

The shade’s appeal lies in its ability to evoke the romantic serenity of the beach while maintaining a sophisticated touch that complements the city’s glamorous ambiance.

Moreover, White Cream and Blush Roses reflects the city’s fusion of cultures, offering a color that resonates with traditional and contemporary aesthetics.

As many Miami weddings take place against the backdrop of the ocean, this shade proves to be the perfect complement, allowing brides to seamlessly blend the charm of the beach with their bridal elegance.

Whether in bridal gowns, decorations, or wedding themes, White Cream and Blush Roses has become Miami’s signature shade, encapsulating the city’s unique blend of beachfront romance and metropolitan flair.

Vendela and Quicksand roses

Where cultural blends and unique traditions give life to a myriad of wedding celebrations, a distinct preference has emerged among brides for two particular varieties of flowers: Vendela and Quicksand. The reasons are multifaceted yet intertwined with the city’s distinct vibe. Miami is synonymous with elegance and panache, and Vendela and Quicksand roses impeccably resonate with this ethos.

Vendela roses, with their classic ivory hue, exude an unmatched sophistication, embodying the timeless nature of marital bonds. They bring a sense of traditional beauty and understated elegance, ideal for brides who desire a touch of classic allure.
Conversely, Quicksand roses captivate with their subtle sandy blush, echoing the golden sands of Miami’s iconic beaches and perfectly complementing the city’s warm sunset hues. Their dusky charm offers a contemporary twist, making them a favorite for modern brides seeking to blend tradition with trends. Furthermore, the durability of both these varieties, especially in Miami’s humid environment, ensures that they remain fresh and stunning throughout the festivities. The choice of Vendela and Quicksand roses among Miami brides reflects the city’s amalgamation of timeless grace and modern flair.

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